Sankofa Consulting, LLC

Seattle, Washington, USA




Founder and managing director, Dr. Elvis Fraser, draws on over 25 years of combined professional experience in academia, applied social science research, management consulting, grant development and project management to support clients to develop customized solutions for their M&E needs.  Having spent the last 10 years as a senior staff at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he understands the needs and challenges clients face, and how best to ensure that M&E investments produce results that are customized, actionable and timely.  Dr. Fraser’s personal commitment is to reduce inequalities and improve social justice by leveraging evaluative thinking and the use of quality evidence to enhance development programming and social interventions globally.



Sankofa Consulting LLC, is a boutique consulting firm that provides monitoring and evaluation (M&E), technical assistance and management support to philanthropic and not-for-profit entities. As a small business, Sankofa also leverages a large global network of firms and affiliates to provide expanded capacity to effectively implement projects of various sizes, scopes, and in various geographic locations.

Sankofa’s high caliber client support is focused on maximizing data to inform strategy development, business process improvement, project development and management. Sankofa specifically helps clients to:

  • Identify, develop, and “right-size” internal M&E infrastructure/systems
  • Design and implement discrete evaluations and studies
  • Problem-solve, coordinate and manage implementation of M&E projects
  • Mentor and guide M&E staff to build/upgrade their M&E skills, capacities & systems
  • Conduct systematic reviews and ex-ante analytics to inform strategy/program design
  • Provide thought partnership and support on M&E, knowledge management & learning
  • Diagnose M&E needs, develop scopes of work/RFPs, and
  • Provide technical oversight and quality control for large evaluations and studies.



Sankofa’s successful delivery of M&E services is contingent upon clear diagnosis and understanding of client goals, needs and expectations. Therefore, all of Sankofa’s M&E consultancies are anchored in a thorough understanding of:

  • Stakeholders for the M&E product(s)
  • Prioritization of M&E questions
  • Level of rigor that is required
  • Client’s readiness and  capacity to use M&E products/results
  • Timing for the products delivery, and
  • Resource constraints.

Sankofa invests in building long-term partnerships with its clients as this facilitates open and candid interaction, and willingness to accept and learn from failure.